2014 Officers

President Peter R. Hill
1st VP Richard F. Booker
2nd VP W. Stoddard Valentine
3rd VP Roger A. Brown
Secretary Charles D. Barber
Asst. Secretary Robert D. St. George
Foundation President Richard F. Booker, Esq.
Membership W. Stoddard Valentine – Chair
Sharon D. Holt
T. Michael Poxon, Esq.
Trustees Roger A. Brown – Chair
David W. Coates, Jr.
Peter R. Hill
David J. Prescott
Stewards George I. Tyndall, Jr. – Chair
S. Valence Sauri, D.D.S.
Ralph E. Owen
Chaplains The Rev. G. Clayton Ames, III
The Rev. Cannon W.G. Reid
The Rev. Edward L. Rix
Chaplain Emeritus The Rev. Gregory F. Dimick
Historian T. Michael Poxon, Esq.
Counselors David D. Ermine, Esq.
T. Michael Poxon, Esq.
Physicians Robert J. Gill, M.D.
S. Valence Sauri, D.D.S.
Living Past Presidents Robert J. Gill, M.D.
S. Valence Sauri, D.D.S.
Nicholas B. Ladd
Ronald E. Robinson, Esq.
George I. Tyndall, Jr.
David Ermine, Esq.
James W. Marvin, Jr.
Charles R. Myers
J. Thomas Showler
British Relations Oliver St. Clair Franklin, OBE
Robert M. Sewell
Editor of The Dragon Judith K. Francis
Property Chairman Robert D. St. George
Nomination Committee George I. Tyndall, Jr. – Chair
Charles D. Barber
S. Valence Sauri, D.D.S.
James W. Marvin, Jr.

It is recommended that Officers expand their support base by
adding members of The Society to their committee or area of
influence, thereby allowing more members to participate in the
operations and activities of The Society.